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Father's Day 2023

The Resolute Church


The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit


First John


The Revealed Word

God's Preserved Word.001.jpeg

The Book of Daniel

The Book of Daniel - Introduction.001.jpeg

The State of the Church

State of the Church.jpg

First Timothy

First Timothy - Introduction.001.jpeg

Letter To The Galatians

Galatians copy.jpg


Jonah Part The Unrepentant Prophet.037.jpeg

Bible Prophecy


The Epistle of James

James Chapter Three Wisdom.034.jpeg

The Disciples 

The Disciples.jpg

Culture, America, & Politics

Church & Culture.001.jpeg

Rightly Dividing The Word

Rightly dividing the word copy.jpg

Heritage Doctrines


Guest Speakers

Heritage Streaming Slide copy.jpg

Thanksgiving Messages

Thanksgiving Title.jpg

Christmas Messages

Hope Arrives - The Jorney of the Magi.039.jpeg

Easter Messages

EASTER 2023 - Divine Justice - Screen Graphic 1920x1080 SLIDE.jpg

Engaging the Cultural War

Engaging the Cultural War Header.jpg

Happening Now

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